"Bangkok Summer"...........!

Young Generations, New Lifestyle, Thrill and Celebration and Their Dreams weaved in to the reality, all were visualized in the movie. "Bangkok Summer", Joyel Cinelabs Banner, Jobby George Thatathil producing "Bangkok Summer" has Pramod Pappan as Director. Movie based in Bangkok, thats why location of this movie is Bangkok. Rajesh Jayaraman written the Story, Script and Dialogue of this movie.

                            Newcomer, Jayakrishnan and Rahul will present the central character and Heroine will be a newcomer. It tells the story of a brother. Madhavan who, in search of his brother Shrihari make it to Bangkok, In the middle of this search, Madhavan had to face lots of problems and struggles to overcome that, all were captured by the director Pramod Pappan in this movie named "Bangkok Summer". It will go on the floor in the month of November in Bangkok.

Director of Photography - Pramod.
Lyrics - Shibu Chakravarthi.
Music - Oussepachan.
Art Director - Mahesh Shridhar.
Make Up - Jayachandran.
Costume - Shibu.
Stills - Arshal Pattambi.
Stunts - Mafia Shashi.
Associate Director - Dileep Panicker.
Editor - Renjith.

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