"Casanova" in Dubai.

Superstar Mohanlal in the lead, Roshan Andrews directing movie "Casanova" begins its shoot in Dubai. Confident Groups Banner, Dr. C.J.Roy producing this movie has Script and Dialogues written by Bobby and Sanjay.

            International Flower Bussinessman turns "Casanova" presented by Mohanlal. Casanova has been filled with Celebration in every corner of this globe, where he lands girls attract towards him.

Cast - Jagathy Sreekumar, Shankar, Sai Kumar, Riyaz Khan, Abhilash, Samsi, Arjun, Vikram, Ratnam, Shreya Saran, Lakshmi Roy, Roma, Sanjana, Dimple are the glittering stars in "Casanova". Cinematographer of this movie "Casanova" is Jignesh. Ashirvaad through Max Lab is the Distributor of this high profile and Big Budget movie.

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