"Khalbil Oru Sultan".

Aziz, a village artiste turns to Superstar is the story of "Khalbil Oru Sultan". James Films Banner, Arun Sitara Storied and Directing this movie's picturization completed.

                           Story goes like that, A Director and A Producer reached a village for a shoot of their movie. In the meantime movie's main hero denied to act in this movie, which left the director and producer in doldrums. In all these hiccups director saw a person in the tea stall which reminds him of the poster of the movie, that person was Aziz, portrayed by Aneesh. Aziz was selected for this movie and become a cinema actor.

                                  Aziz's love interest Laila's home was the location of shooting, which make their love relation more strong. Laila's father doesn't want that his daughter would marry to Aziz. Laila's family start search for the better companion for their daughter, in all these drama, movie will be showcased in the humor background.

Cast - Aneesh, Narayanankutty, Ajayan Adoor, Munshi Renjith, Kottayam Somraj, Shashankan, Raghavan, Shobhana Puthupalli, Madhu Punapra, Kullapulli Leela, Shantha Kumari, Dennit, Tincy, Shwetha, Jossy, Rama Devi, Sherly include the list of actors.

                James Films Banner, James Daniel producing "Khalbil Oru Sultan" has Camera works from Philip C.C., For the lyrics of Rajeev Allunkal, Music Direction of this movie performed by Biju Ananthakrishanan. Production Controller of this movie is Shobhan Puthupalli.

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