New Movie : "City Of God".

Prithviraj and Indrajith again coming together for a Movie. This Movie is "City of God", Babu Janardhanan prepared the story of this movie. Mary Matha Creations Banner, M.Anita Anil Mathew producing "City Of God" will be directed by Lijo Jose Palliserry.

                            After a long interval, Prithvi and Indrajith brothers are preparing up for a movie. V.K.Prakash directed movie "The Police" was there last together acted movie. Both acted in many malayalam movies together in "Achan Urugatha Veedu", "Nammal Thammil" and "Classmates" are few of them. Along with Prithvi and Indrajith, Director Fazil's Son Shanu also doing a cameo in this movie. Priyanka, Reema Kallingal, Shweta Menon, Rohini, Jagathy Sreekumar, Lalu Alex, Anil Murali, Rajesh Haibor, Chembil Vinod, Sudheer Karmana, Arun include the other cast of this movie.

                       Story based on the Ernakulam City. Three stories at a one time told by this movie is the unique  touch of this movie. Every story in this movie has situations which bound the viewers. Workers from Tamil Nadu coming to Kerala for a job is the first group of this story. Their representatives are Indrajith, Sudheer Karmana, Priyanka and Rohini. Second group involve the Real Estate lobby of this city. Group is headed by Shweta Menon, Anil Murali, Arun and Rajesh Haibor. Third Group Constitutes of Bussiness Tycoons and Financers Big Wigs, this group revolve around Prithviraj and Shanu.

                                   These Three Groups story untied
in the moment of this movie. Story's every character leaped over to another story. In the whole, three groups are bonded with the instinct of love. Big Star Cast, Different Lifestyle, Situation and there struggle against each other is the composition of this Big Canvas movie named "City Of God".

                                           Lijo Jose Palliserry directing second movie is "City of God". Excellence in the technical field , Indrajith starrer "Nayakan" was his debut movie as director. Lijo is also be the son of late actor Jose Palliserry. Movie will be phased out in few weeks and its pre production works are in the process.

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