Rajasenan's Next : "Oru Small Family".

Place is Nallukettu, as the name suggest it is the junction, which meet the four sides of this city, this junctions, A home and a Liquor Shop is the major locations of the Rajasenan directing movie "Oru Small Family".

                        A Family of Liquor Baron and a family which is against the liquor, is the story presented in the humour touch. Rajansenan presenting the character of Sub Registrar - Vishwanathan and his family is against the Liquor Shop in front of their house. 
                                   Now came to the next family, Mansion house and the brand of Liquor M.H.N is the identity of this family and whole family members name based on liquor brands. In this story Alcholic Kishore who is the son of the liquor baron, became a nuisance for the family of Vishwanathan. Competition between the both became the humour moment of this movie. 

                      Kishore is portrayed by Kailash and Ammu is summarised by Ananya. Suraaj develop the character of Jhony Walker are the major character of this movie. Bheeman Raghu, Kochupreman, Saleem Kumar, Kottayam Naseer, Narayanankutty, Machaan Varghese, Baiju Punapra, K.T.S.Padaneeyil, Nelson, K.P.A.C.Lalitha, Lakshmipriya include the other stars who will wear the characters mask.

Script and Story - Rajasenan.
Dialogue - Sujith and Sajitha.
Lyrics - Rajeev Allunkal, Anil Panachooran.
Music - M.Jayachandran.
Camera - Jibu Jacob.
Editor - Raja Muhammed.
Art Direction - Boban.
Make Up - Jayachandran.
Costume- Indranse Jayan.
Associate Director - Melila Rajashekharan, Subhash Illabel.
Assistant Director - Naseer Chala, C.K.Raju.
Executive Producer - V.C.Praveen.
Production Controller - Aroma Mohan.

Sree Gokulam Movies Banner, Gokulam Gopalan producing "Oru Small Family's" picturisation is going on in Chalakuddy and its surroundings. Distributor of this movie is Gokulam Release.

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