Malayalam Movie "The Metro".

Vineeth Sreenivasan's "Malarvadi Arts Club" was the last movie of the Graand Production Banner, After this movie, Actor Dileep under the Graand Production Banner producing movie "The Metro" begins in Kochi. Bipin Prabhakar directing this movie has young stars in the major characters.

                     Tamil actor Sarath Kumar along with Nivin Poly, Bhagat, Biyon, Suraj, Arun will present the major roles in this movie called "The Metro". Jagathy Sreekumar, Nishant Sagar, Suresh Krishna, Shammi Thilakan, G.K.Pillai, Sadikh, Mohan Jose are the other stars. Bhavana is in the female lead.

                            Vyasan Edvanakad is the man behind the Story, Script and Dialogues of  "The Metro". Story moves through three different ways which unveil the hidden views of the Kochi City. In the midst of Parliament Elections in Ernakulam, a murder of young politician create havoc, Everybody know which person is behind this murder. Even Circle Inspector
know this fact, but they have no evidences against the murderer. In the middle of this incident, a group of 5 people came to the story, which unveil the unseen passage of this city. Sarath Kumar presented the character of Circle Inspector.

Cinematographer - Shriraman.
Lyrics - Rajeev Allunkal.
Music - Shaan Rehaman.
Distributors - Manjunath Release.

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