Jayan's Era will realive........!

Jayan's era will realive
Malayalam Cinema's best action hero Jayan is returning to the Malayalam Cinema with the help of new techniques available in the industry. Three decades past, still Jayan is popular among the young generation.

                            Vijayan Mani directing movie "Avatharam" in which Jayan will be seen. T.A.Shahid prepared the dialogues
and script. With the help of graphics, morphing and animation and other new techniques. Vijesh Mani presenting this movie will be a action movie. April may be the month by which movie reach the theatres.

                                  Kozhikode, Ernakulam and Mysore include the locations of this malayalam movie. "Avatharam" will have new comers and other fellows of Jayan's era to act in this movie.

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