Remembering Sarangapani..........

Remembering P K Sarangapani
Sarangapani, Malayalam's best ever script writer, started his cinema journey with the Udaya Studio. At his earlier times when he faced poor experience gave him the chance to met Kunchacko (founder of Udaya Studio). As Kunchako called Sarangapani to the Udaya Studio and asked him to prepare the script for the novel "Umma" and write some dialogues for some scenes, which gave P K Sarangapani a entry to the Malayalam Cinema and his first Malayalam movie was "Umma".

 With the film "Umma" stays on for 200 days in Malabar region at that time. There starts Sarangapani's association with the
Kunchacko and Udaya Studio, which goes up for around 36 movies jointly. After his first stint with "Umma" and "Sita", he prepared the script of "Unniyarcha". 

 In the middle of this, there was a split came in the Udaya Studio, which resulted in to the Navodaya by Kunchacko's brother Appachan. Sarangapani took his decision to stay with Udaya Studio as he was the key for Udaya Studio and Kunchako in the battle between the Udaya and Marryland Studio.

 Malayalam's defining script writer P K Sarangapani's cinema career include the movies like "Umma", "Unniyarcha", "Pallatakoman", "Thumbolarcha", "Aromal Unni", "Kannapanunni", "Pallat Kunjhikunnan", "Kadathanattu Makam", "Kadathanadan Ambady".

  "Neeli Salli" (Udaya's answer for "Chemmeen", based on Thakazhi's novel, but went in vein), "Ayisha Tara", "Manishada", "Postmane Kananilla", "Acharam Ammini Osharam Ommana", "Mallanum Mothevanu", "Neelaponman", "Sanchari", "Velliyettom", "Pavangal Pennugal", "Chinavala", "Dharmakshetra Kurukshetra", "Theeram Theduna Thira" are few of them. remember this great persona of Malayalam cinema, on his 4th death anniversary, who died on Feb.2, 2011.

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