"Dam 999"

Bees T.V. Network produced, Sohan Roy directed movie "Dam 999" is completed., its schedule in dubai. "Dam 999" is a classic emotional thriller as far as director is concerned. The movie unveil the unvisible part of the marine world and tells the story of a dam which is on the verge of demolition.

          It has picturization of a dam in a colony and Nine characters emotions. Erick,Sharman, Rob tobin, Usma Cang include the famous Ajay Vincent, Suresh Pai, Padmashri Thotadharani, Oussepachchan, K.S.Chitra, P.Jayachandran, Sajitha Kayeri, Pattanam Rasheed are the part of technical side of the movie. On the other side movie include star callibre of Rajit Kapoor, Shari Richardson, Vinoy Roy, Vimala Raman, Metha Burman, Joshua Fredrick Smith, Jala Pickering, Lind Arsnow, Jinitha Ratha. Movie "Dam 999" will release in theaters in this december.

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