Review : "Vaadamallli".

Here we are with another movie on the page of review.........., Last week released malayalam movie was "Vaadamalli" directed by Alberrt Antoni, who came to the arena with the movie "Kanne Madanguka" and after that his announced project "Nairsan" gave Alberrt some attention to the industry. Now came back to "Vaadamalli" seems to be patchy and revolve around the suspense with the love story between the poor and rich.

                            "Vaadamalli" summarisse and set up on the background of Music College. Vasu enacted by Rahul Madhav, who came from the slums and people living with him around the slums support and gave encouragement for Vasu's studies in every way, whether money etc. all that. On the other hand Vrinda performed by Richa Panai (famous from advertisements) was born in wealthy family and on one day Vasu and Vrinda came close to each other, which develops in to love between the both. When story moves smoothly it land up in the suspense of girl goes missing from the hostel and her search led to the different level. Her friends express different stories during the investigation, which give some punch to this movie.

                                    This malayalam movie's star cast include Pradeep Chandran, Ramesh Raveendran, Niji Mary, Jyothi Chaterjee, Bijukuttan, Raveendran and others as well. "Vaadamalli" is produced under the banner of Zoe Estebe Moviez  by Sunil Chandrika Nair. Story prepared by Rajesh Verma and Lasar Shine. Cinematography is fine with the touch of Vaidy S.Pillai. Editing managed by Raja Muhamed. Movie came to the theatres by distributor Zoe Estebe Moviez throug Maaxlab. Locations were beautifully conceptualized by the crew in Alappuzha, Thrissur, Kochi, Munnar, Athirapally.

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