Nandkishore, a war reporter in a established newspaper based in Kolkata. As he reported many war fronts which interested the world readers. He never feared the war fronts, exceptionally faced the challenges. Nandkishore also respected with the President Medal for Bravery. Not once, but twice he get the prize. Nandkishore became the role model for lots of young journalist.

                         Nandkishore is married. He has his wife and two kids. One sister,who is nearing the age of marriage, Her marriage was dream for Nandkishore. When he started preparation for the marriage of his sister, he came to know that He means Nandkishore is a patient with death threatening disease, which covered under the story of malayalam movie "Vennshankupol". This movie is under direction from Ashok R.Nath. Currently movie is in its post production works after completing its schedule in Trivandrum.

                                   Nandkishore's character is presented by Suresh Gopi. Nandkishore's wife role is enacted by Jyothirmayi. Kids represented by Shreekutty and Devanarayanan. Sisters role of Nandkishore summarised by Meera Nandan. Lalu Alex, Manoj K.Jayan, Anoop Menon, Kochupreman, Sukumari are the other stars who will be seen in this malayalam movie.

                                          Sunil Prem's story is scripted and dialoguised by Anil Mukhatala. New T.V. Banner, Sanal Thottam producing this malayalam movie "Vennshankupol" has Riju Raman as Executive Producer. O.N.V.Kurup's lyrics were designed by Anil Pongumood. This movie has one poem as well settled by Madhusudhanan Nair. P.Jayachandran, Jyothsna, Sujatha, Aparna will sing the songs. Rama Chandrababu's cinematography and Saji Kottayam will do the works of Production Controller. Production executive is Vijayan Mukhatala, Costume by Rana Prathap, Make Up by Ratheesh Ambady, Art Direction looked after by Sujith Raghav. Stills by Santosh Adoor. Satish Kumar is the chief associate director and Babu Sargam is associate director. Balamurali, Asad, Saneesh is the assistant director of this malayalam movie "Vennshankupol".

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