Review : "Adaminte Makan Abu".

Finally, we are back with the hangover of this Malayalam movie "Adaminte Makan Abu", that I will recommend for all of you to just go for this movie. Its shows the aspiration of a human being to go for the holy place. Salim Kumar truely deserves his best actor award for this movie.

                        "Adaminte Makan Abu" speaks out the story of a couple, who wants to go for the Hajj Pilgrimage and their efforts, problems and other difficulties and how they overcome this situation. Abu portrayed by Salim Kumar, is an unani medicine seller, which hardly earns him his bread. His wife Aishumma performed by Zareena Wahab, helps Abu to realize for this Hajj
Journey by breeding cattles and hens. This elderly couples son Sathar, who left them years ago for the job in gulf region. Nadumudi Venu and Suraaj Venjharamoodu enacted the roles of School teacher and Hyder, a tea shop vendor respectively are the close mates of Abu.

                            In this all years his inspiration for the Hajj grows up and in this tantrum, Abu sold his cow and Jackfruit tree for the money, and reach the travel agency for the tickets. Ashraf settled by Mukesh, manager of a travel agency helps Abu to get his ticket and other relevant documents, but when its come to Police verification in passport issue, Abu gets his application rejected due to bribe issues with the Shashi Kallinga who portrayed the policeman, but later Abu gave bribe to get his Passport on time and now came the time for the journey to Hajj, then a saw mill owner, Johnson summarised by Kalabhavan Mani came to the Abu with the complaint that Jackfruit tree, which Abu sold to him turn out rotten and no use for him. Johnson insist that still keep the money for this noble journey, but Abu deny to take the money for his integrity and came to the result that Allah refused him this time for the Hajj journey for the cut down of tree, which too has its life and by cutting it he perishes many lives. In the climax, Abu tells Aishumma about their Hajj Journey for the next year and Abu been to the mosque in Hajj mornings.

                                  Salim Kumar superbley done the role of Abu, with uncanny looks and not proper with the changing world. Apart from the above cast Thambi Antony, M.R.Gopakumar, Jaffar Idduki, Ambika Mohan, T.S.Raju, Vinod Kovoor include the cast of this malayalam movie. Written and Directed by Salim Ahamed, Produced jointly by Ashraf Bedi and Salim Ahamed for the banner of Alence Media. Madhu Ambat's brilliant cinematography. Vijay Shankar's editing gives good touch, Issac Thomas Kottukapally's background score and one track is good.

                                        Rafeeque Ahmed's lyrics were composed by Ramesh Narayan, especially thanks to the Distributors Laughing Villa, Alence Media through Kalasangham, Manjunatha release bring this movie for the audience, which was in court case for the production side. "Adaminte Makan Abu" already proved itself with the National Award and Kerala State Award, Now its bagging other awards also. 

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