Review : "Chaappa Kurish"

"Chaappa Kurish" is setting the trends with its new concepts and new style of story and this film marks the inaugural venture as director for Cinematographer Sameer Thahir, who earlier proved himself with the "Big B" and "Daddy Cool". Sameer Thahir's first directorial project "Chaapa Kurish" is gaining mixed response in theatres.

                            This movie surrounds the life of two persons namely Arjun enacted by Fahad Fazil, who is in the bussiness of real estate and construction. Arjun's lifestyle and aim is different and He has some affairs with his  employee Sonia performed by Ramya Nambeeshan. Smooch scene between both are talk of the malayalam cinema. Arjun
also settling to engagement with Ann summarised by Roma, who is the daughter of his fathers friend. Other one is Ansari performed by Vineeth Sreenivasan, who hardly earn his money by doing odd jobs at a supermarket and resides in a slum. Ansari has some feelings for his co worker Nafiza enacted by Nivedita. Ansari wants to do different things but he doesn't because of his family burden.

                                  When sonia came to know about the engagement of Arjun led to the quarrel between Arjun and Sonia, which makes the moment of "Chaappa Kurish" as In this incident Arjun lost his phone, by incidentally Ansari got the phone, which has some private moment of Arjun with Sonia, which proceeds the problems for Arjun. struggle between Ansari and Arjun for the phone makes the beauty of this movie.

                                           New concepts of cinematography were tried in this movie as its credit goes to Jomon T.John. Songs are nice specially title track, Rex Vijayan done the best with the tracks. Storied by Sameer Thahir and Unni R. "Chaappa Kurish" is produced under the banner of Magic Frames by Listeen Stephen. "Chaappa Kurish" is distributed by Central Pictures across the theatres.

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