Review : "The Filmstar".

Sanjeev Raj directed malayalam movie "The Filmstar" came lately to the malayalam box office and it seems that no body is interested in this malayalam movie due to its lateness and old fashioned picturisation might not digested by the viewers.

                               Well "The Filmstar" deals with the problems of a village called chithiramthody, where Nandagopan performed by Dileep and others were forcefully evicted. Villagers started struggle under the supervision of Raghavan enacted by Thalaivasal Vijay, but Raghavan's death led the struggle in the middle. After some years, Nandagopan prepared the script of what had been happened to villagers and their experience and approached the Sooryakiran summarised by Kalabhavan Mani, who is a superstar to make a movie on this issue. Sooryakiran accept to do the movie with the Nandagopan's script and that starts the problems for them as some people who feared of mystery that will outcome with this movie and disrupt the shooting of this movie in many ways. that further develop the story of this malayalam movie. 

                                     Rambha has some scenes and a song. This movie also stars Muktha, Jagathy Sreekumar, Vijay Raghavan, Salim Kumar, Ashokan, Suraaj Venjharamoodu, Devan, Baburaj, Siddique and other leading stars of the malayalam cinema. Cinematography for this malayalam movie is performed by Saloo George. Editing is looked after by P.C.Mohanan. Music is simple by Benny Johnson and Vijayan Poonjar.

                                         For the banner of Wide Screen Cinema, Joseph Thomas and Sanjeev Raj produced this malayalam movie has been distributed across the theatres by Gayathri Media and Sandra's Communication.

                                    Well if you had gone for this movie share your experience with us through comments.

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