Review : "Salt N Pepper".

Hmmm............ Director Aashiq Abu is coming with the different subject and new style with the malayalam movie "Salt N Pepper", which was released in theatres last week. "Salt N Pepper" gathering mixed response may be due to its fresh look feel, but you can give it a look for sure.

                                 Story tells the Romance fusion of two mates. an archeology researcher Kalidasan performed by Lal, who is fond of food met up with the Maya, a dubbing artiste enacted by Shweta Menon and which develop the chemistry of love between the Kalidasan and Maya. Both of them use to call each other in alone moments. After the moment Manu Raghav enter the scene. Manu is an mischieve management boy and also the nephew of Kalidasan led to story to make more spicy. Manu Raghav's character is portrayed by Asif Ali.

                                           Maya and Meenakshi, an IELTS student summarised by Mythili, both are staying in the rented room of Mary Aunty presented by Kalpana. There's some more character which makes twist in this story include Kalidasan's chef Babu performed by Baburaj andVijay Raghavan done the role of Kalidasan's friend Balakrishnan. Ambika Mohan done the role of Ithaa and Ahmed done the character of Manu Raghav's friend K.T.Mirash.

                                               Songs are too good by Bijibal for the lyrics of Rafeeque Ahmed, Santosh Verma and One song by Avial band still rocking the charts. "Traffic" fame Shyju Khalid performed the good cinematography and Editing by V.Sajan. "Salt N Pepper" is produced under the banner of Lucsam Creations. Written by Dilesh Nair and Shyam Pushkaran. Well Aashiq Abu's effort must be put on good side to came up with this malayalam movie.

                              If you watched this malayalam movie "Salt N Pepper" share your views with us through comments....

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