Review : "Teja Bhai and Family".

Another movie of Prithviraj released last week named "Teja Bhai and Family", you can call it a masala movie, but somewhere here and there it lacks some shots, but if you are a fan of prithvi and loves his comedy then you can go for this malayalam movie "Teja Bhai and Family" for sure.

                                   Story revolves around Teja Bhai, who is a underworld don and Teja Bhai operates his empire from Kualalampur, Malaysia. Teja Bhai's character is performed by Prithviraj. Teja Bhai lives his life in a stylish way. On the middle of this, Teja Bhai came to fall in love
with Vedika enacted by Akhila Shashidharan, works for an orphanage. To get in to the attention of Vedika, Teja Bhai starts doing noble causes for his love to Vedika. Damodarji, settled by Thalaivasal Vijay plays the fathers role of Vedika. Damodarji's strong points and rules came in the way of Teja Bhai to marry Vedika. Damodarji insist that his daughters husband should not have any criminal cases.

                                               In the drama of all this hiccups, Damodarji agrees to marry his daughter to Teja Bhai, If Vedika find every thing is fine with the Teja's family. In the spate of whole this drama, fake relatives came to the existence with the comedians of malayalam cinema. Jagathy Sreekumar, Suraaj Venjharamoodu, Indranse, Jagadeesh, Salim Kumar, Kochupreman, Kullapulli Leela, Bindu Panicker, Manju Pilla, Bheeman Raghu, Shakeela and others include the cast of this movie.

                                                      Deepu Karunakaran made this a lot of comedy with goon style, Script fails to impress the visuals. Prithvi made his efforts to do comedy and Akhila looks nice, but doesn't get much to do in this movie. Deepak Dev's music is fine with the songs like "Pranayanilla". Shamdat's cinematography also looks nice with the locations of Malaysia.

                 If you had watch this malayalam movie "Teja Bhai and Family", just share your experiences with this movie through comments.........

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