Review : "Indian Rupee".

Unexpectedly Ranjith directed malayalam movie "Indian Rupee" released last week on the kerala Box Office, Director Ranjith definetely need special applause for presenting this realistic script in to the simple manner, great performances by actors, we reccomend to sure high five for this malayalam movie "Indian Rupee", Prithviraj back to his best........

                    Well now go for the story, JP alias Jayaprakash superbly performed by Prithviraj, like todays youth JP also has his dreams to make his future more affordable. In Kozhikode JP is not much of qualification in education, but his passion for the work dived him to the real estate bussiness. JP started off as a pie with the small dealing of money and then later on move to the big world of real estate. Hameed also
known as CH performed by Tini Tom is the good friend of Jayaprakash. One day in this process they land into the selling of land asset of Achutha Menon enacted by Thilakan, to make fortune with their first opportunity. Rima Kallingal summarised the character of Beena, a doctor and supposed to be in love with JP.

                                       However the land deal of Thilakan was never came to success with the JP's hand, but with this deal Achutha Menon developed the relationship with JP and become the member of their life. With this process Jayaprakash came to many incidents, which gave him some important learnings and how to deal with the money in his life. Prithviraj and Thilakan combo was interesting to see and Jagathy Sreekumar, Mamukoya, Lalu Alex, Revathi, Mallika, Babu Namboothiree done their best in "Indian Rupee".

                                                Cinematography is good with the hands of S.Kumar and Editing done by Vijay Shankar, Music is nice with the touch of Shahabaz Aman. "Indian Rupee" is produced jointly under the banner of Capitol Theatre and August Cinema by Ranjith, Prithviraj, Shaji Nadeshan and Santosh Sivan. Distributed across the theatres by August Films.

           Well if you have watched this malayalam movie "Indian Rupee", just share your thoughts about your liking or not through comments........

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