Review : "Sandwich".

M.S.Manu who directed his debut malayalam film "Sandwich", also been the associate to director Shaji Kailas. Debutant Director M.S.Manu has nothing too much to hype about with this malayalam movie, because it has nothing new to jell the audience to the theatres. If you are the fan of Chackochan then you can gave it a look, otherwise characters are poorly managed with the simple approach.

                             Story begins with the gangster style, as Sai enacted by Kunchako Boban, got his car crashed in to the car of powerful gangster, who was at the driver seat. With the impact of crash, Gangster got killed in the accident and other mates of gangster started the round of fires at Sai, who wasn't expecting anything like this. On the other day Sai came to know that guy killed at the accident was a gangster. It all start the story of revenge as gangsters brother Murugan
performed by Vijay Kumar, want to settle issue with Sai for the brothers death. Sai was passing through the problems with the dreams of getting married to his childhood love Sruthi summarised by Richa Panai.

                                       On the other side, Aandipety Naicker performed by Suraaj Venjharamoodu, leader of other gangsters, was very happy with the death of his rival and Aandipety Naicker wants Sai to marry his daughter Kanmani settled by Ananya. The movie accelerated as the thriller, but later on breaks to the old tune means comedy. In this hiccups some attempts to kill Sai were made, which alerts Kanmani, about the sources of her father. Suraaj Venjharamoodu done his old fashioned comedy, which lows the level of this "Sandwich", title was the catch and Chackochan in the recent times selecting some movies which is not suited to him as compare to his return to the malayalam cinema. Lalu Alex, Manoj K.Jayan, Kochupreman, Jaffar Idduki, Biju Pappan and others include the cast of "Sandwich". Camera works are simple by Pradeep Nair and Jayan Pishardi's music also not up to the mark.

                                             For the banner of Line Of Colors, M.C.Arun and Sudeep Karat produced this malayalam film had been scripted by Ratheesh Sukumaran. Line of Colors Release bring this movie to the theatres. Whole and whole movie fails to capture the script, it can be moulded in to the better one, but its look like that producers want to make some money and put all the ingredients in the cookware to serve not cooked "Sandwich" to the audience.


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