Fund Crisis for "Abu"..........!

India's official entry for the Oscar Award's, malayalam movie "Adaminte Makan Abu" facing financial crisis for its promotional activities for the Oscar. According to Director Salim Ahamed "Adaminte Makan Abu" needs about 7 special screenings and it needs a great amount of money.

                                However Director Salim Ahamed said that, For the promotions and special screening of "Adaminte Makan Abu", cost around
2 crore rupees and he collected the sum of about 1 crore rupees  from his friends, relatives and others and rest 1 crore amount will be the problem for Abu to achieve the feat of oscar.

               Well in "Adaminte Makan Abu", Abu fails to make it to the Haj Pilgrimage due to lack of money and now its seems to be for the Oscars for Abu. We hope that it would make its finding to go for the Oscars...........

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