Review : "Arabiyum, Ottakavum, P.Madhavan Nairum".

Much awaited malayalam film of the year from the combo of Priyadarshan and Mohanlal came this friday across the theatres. "Arabiyum, Ottakavum, P.Madhavan Nairum" has its own doubts about its story, but although a nice movie. Priyadarshan try to make more visible and charming from his side, but on the story side it lacks something. However "Arabiyum, Ottakavum, P.Madhavan Nairum" seems to be a nice movie, so we recommend you to go for this movie on this weekend.

                       Story relate the problems of Madhavan Nair, an ordinary man in gulf region. P.Madhavan Nair performed by Mohanlal, works as an accountant in the gulf based company managed by an Arab summarised by Shakti Kapoor. On a strange or we can say co-incidence P.Madhavan Nair came across to meet Meenakshi enacted
by Lakshmi Rai, which develop the love relationship between the both. Madhavan Nair and Meenakshi decide to tie the knot on some reasons.

                             In this hiccup of love relation, on one day, a guy named Abdu performed by Mukesh, enter the scene. Abdu is a old friend of P.Madhavan Nair and came to Madhavan's office for some help. Help  for Abdu turns nightmare for Madhavan Nair as the twist came with Kidnap drama, in which a girl name Illeana enacted by Bhavana, move to the story to the different stage. Along with the above stars, there is Innocent, Mammukoya, Maniyan Pilla Raju, Suraaj Venjharamoodu and others were done their parts.

                                       On the whole, Priyadarshan needs to take some notes on his remakes, as it looks like "Arabiyum, Ottakavum, P.Madhavan Nairum" has some of the scenes which relate to his earlier films. Abhilash Nair's story pointless to the subject. M.G.Sreekumar's music is fine with some copy of Egyptian touch, for the lyrics penned by Rajeev Allunkal, Bichu Thirumala and Santosh Varma. Azhakappan's cinematography has some fine scenes. T.S.Suresh's editing looks not so happening. Janco's Entertainment's Banner, Naveen Shashidharan and Ashok Kumar producing this malayalam film had been brought to the theatres by Seven Arts Release. 

                         If you been to this malayalam film "Arabiyum, Ottakavum, P.Madhavan Nairum", just share your thoughts with us.............

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