'Beautiful' Malayalam Movie Review

Well defined visual imagination and two characters of human being's reflection matched up the perfection of 'Beautiful' Malayalam movie. V.K.Prakash hit the right button with the script to make this film a nice one. So we recommend to go for this movie named 'Beautiful'.

beautiful malayalam movie review

  • Storyline

Alright story came to the light with the character Stephen performed by Jayasurya, who has been effected from paraplegic, a rich man on a wheel chair for his entire life, but loves to enjoy every moment of his life and want to be everything beautiful in his surrounding. John enacted by Anoop Menon, a musician by profession and a sings for the hotels, enters the life of Stephen Louis. John is different in his nature as compared to Stephen, but both enjoy their company for the good times. With the arrival of a home nurse Anjali summarized by Meghnaraj, in the story, it took the U turn in the friendship of Stephen and John.

  • Acting Performance

Both Stephen and John finds themselves in the dream of love with the Anjali, which cause some feud between the both. Well written scenes are the grace for this movie and superb performances by the main lead Jayasurya, Anoop Menon, Meghnaraj. Script is the beautiful aspect for this film with the hands of Anoop Menon. Rest of the cast whether it is Nandu, Tesni Khan, Jayan and others are fine with their characters.

  • Technical

Special mention for the superb cinematography from Jomon T.John as it looks like the real visual treat. Editing is performed by Mahesh and Another applause is for the music by Ratheesh Vegha, who contributed nice expressions to this beautiful movie. For the banner of Yes Cinema, Anand Kumar produced this Malayalam film 'Beautiful' is distributed across the theatres by S.R.G.Release.

Efforts from the Anoop Menon has been paid with this nice conceptualized movie, indeed it is an inspiration. It surely be the one of the nicest movies of this year.

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