Review : "Innanu Aa Kalyanam".

Director Rajasenan's movie was released last week titled "Innanu Aa Kalyanam", Somehow script of this movie falls down this love story as it looks like old tricks were used to produced the new one. Rajasenan known to be the best directors of malayalam industry, but this time "Innanu Aa Kalyanam" seems not going to interest the viewers.

                       Karthik performed by Rejith Menon, is a engineering college student and ofcourse a multi talented personality, which gave him the charm boy image of his college. Karthik hails from the poor family, but his scores well in studies and participate in competitions, sing songs as well. Neelima enacted by Malavika, has a wealthy
background in terms of money and Neelima is in love with Karthik, but she could not tell Karthik about her feelings for him.

                                     Aisha summarised by Sharnya Mohan, is a good friend of Neelima, studying in the same college. In this triangle love story, Karthik fell in love with Aisha due to some confusions between the three. In the middle of whole this diaspora, Kunjumon performed by Roshan enter  the story, who started to influence the characters with his image and which turn the love story to the another way.

                                       All the characters were not up to the marks as we recognise some fine actors doing some silly performances. Kunjan, Jagathy Sreekumar, Ashokan, Rohini, Suraaj Venjharamoodu, Bindu Panicker, Sudheesh and others were at the okay level with the characters of NRI, Principal, Teacher and peon etc. Songs are also suits to the occasion from the hands of Bijibal and Vayalar Sarath Chandra Varma.

                                                Vinod Illampilly's cinematography is not so worthy and Editing by Raja Mohammed also disappoints the masses. For the banner of Yohaan Productions, this malayalam movie "Innanu Aa Kalyanam" is produced by Gee Varghese Yohannan. Max Lab Release are the distributors for "Innanu Aa Kalyanam".

                                                     If you liked it or not just share with us your opinion on this malayalam film "Innanu Aa Kalyanam".


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