Review : "Vellaripravinte Changathi".

Good attempt to turn the old story to the real one and the dedication by the crew of this movie is well worth to make it a brilliant movie. Akku Akbar really show some perfect touch to the malayalam movie "Vellaripravinte Changathi" and for this Akku Akbar definitely get the applause for it. "Vellaripravinte Changathi" a worth one, we recommend to go for it.

                 Well now came to the real job, story, Manikunju performed by Indrajith, get a work in a Gemini Film Lab, this is the beginning of the flash back.On some day on his job, Manikunju find some untouched
rack on the corner of lab, where the reels of a film, which was never came to the theatres due to it was not completed. This film was titled "Vellaripravinte Changathi" which had two new faces Shahjahan and Mary Varghese enacted by Dileep and Kavya Madhavan respectively.

                                   Now "Vellaripravinte Changathi" moves through the preview by Manikunju and all of us in the theatre. "Vellaripravinte Changathi" was a story of a hindu boy and a Muslim girl, who fell in love with each other. Some misconception as well in the story as reel life story turn to the real life love between Shahjahan and Mary Varghese. After the preview ends up, it stands some question among the audience and you need to watch it to continue the story.

                                    Dileep and Kavya Madhavan done their best to make this movie a best one. Apart from that Manoj K.Jayan, Sai Kumar, Mamukoya, Vijay Raghavan, Indrajith, Salim Kumar, Nedumudi Venu and others done their parts. Script by G.S.Anil is fair enough to get appreciation, but here and there some touch ups are needed in "Vellaripravinte Changathi". Akku Akbar's direction also define some good way to tell a story. It also said to be "Vellaripravinte Changathi" is based on Augustine Joseph's film in 1966, which never came to the completion. That period was dominated by Prem Nazir, Sathyan and Sheela.

                                                  Vipin Mohan and Sameer Haq's camera works also has fine visuals. Mohan Sithara and Vayalar Sarath Chandra Varma's songs are good enough to feel you in that era. Kumar Edappal's costumes match up to the occasion. Art Direction by Gireesh Menon and Yadhan Manoor also fine. Editing by Lijo Paul  and Make Up is done by Sudevan. For the banner of Chand V. Creations, "Vellaripravinte Changathi" is produced by Arun Ghosh and Bijoy Chandran.

                                                          If you liked it or not, just tell us your opinion about this malayalam film "Vellaripravinte Changathi" through comments.........

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