Review : "Asuravithu".

A.K.Sajan directed malayalam movie "Asuravithu" is one of the three films which released during the new year 2012. "Asuravithu" on the go disappoints with its old themed Underworld story. Director A.K.Sajan try to deep out the story, but the script or may be the characters failed out to its existence. We recommend "Asuravithu" as a one time watch.

                          Don Bosco performed by Asif Ali, His mother Angel enacted by Lena, left Don Bosco at the gates of an Orphanage. In his life in Orphanage, which brings him up as a seminarian. Meanwhile, Don
Bosco pledge the task to vanish the gang of Pathaam Kalam, who years ago killed his father. Pathaam Kalam gang is led by Abba summarised by Vijay Raghavan, and his childrens.

                                        Now the stage is set for the rebels of Pathaam Kalam gang, Don Bosco came in contact with underworld don of Kochi and labelled himself as Don David, which resulted into the operations of D Company. Samvrutha Sunil performed the character of Marty, who is a boat owner and She is good at illustration drawings of criminals with the help of witness. Baburaj came up with the nice performance and essayed the character of a priest. Harishree Ashokan, Siddique, Biju Menon, Jagathy Sreekumar, Ganapathy, Vijay Kumar, Seema G.Nair and others are the actors who done their characters a bit patchy. Asif Ali was not in to the character as you can observe, His dialogues are less. A.K.Sajan predicted his hero as out of the world, which presented the characters as overact. Narration could be more interesting but at the end it is a film.

                                                   Vishnu Narayan's visuals are nice and Editing is settled by Renjith Touch River. Music is fine with the hands of Alphonse and Rajesh Mohan. Kaithapram penned the lyrics. For the banner of Leela Creations, Shaji Thanaparambil produced this "Asuravithu" is distributed by Leela Media Release.

                                  If you have watched this malayalam film "Asuravithu", please take some time to share your thoughts through comments.......

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