Review : "Casanovva".

Stylish worded dialogue charm the fans of Superstar Mohanlal during one of the shows, which naturally showcase that we could make this kind of big budget movies. "Casanovva" finally beat all the assumptions of its making to the theatres or not. On a single word description you can call "Casanovva" a glamorous malayalam movie with the style effect. On the entertainment aspect, we can give it a thumbs up for "Casanovva", we recommend "Casanovva" a treat for this weekend.

                          Lets move to the plot, Playboy character "Casanovva" who likes to jell on with girls played by Mohanlal. Abhinav is the another name of Casanova, owns an International chain of flower boutques in Dubai. With lots of respects for ladies, he had his set of female followers in his group as well. Additional motive of love can cure crime, Casanova came in to met some four guys named Abhishek, Vikram, Shamsi and Arjun who had been the part of criminal activities and International police is in search for this guys.

                                     In this conception of love, Casanova had an earlier contraction with this four guys and preparing to take on this guys through his trick of ideas. In this trick, Casanova use his source of girls include a wealthier lady named Hanna enacted by Lakshmi Rai and Ann Mary performed by Roma to woo the two boys from this four guys. On this romancing mode Casanova starts to host a programme in a Television Channel, which later on decide the rift between the gang of this boys. Casanova had his earlier romance came to the show with a lady Sameera Zacharia enacted by Shreya Saran, who happens to be a salsa dancer. On the whole here and there may be some doubts are came in mind, may be the script lack the narration or may be on the direction level.

                                   Roshan Andrews gave some fabulous hits at the box office, but this one may be too lengthy schedules cost him with the "Casanovva". Roshan Andrews perfectly conceptualized the movie, while you can find that on some parts it goes down. Other actors played their parts whether it is Riyaz Khan, Jagathy Sreekumar, Shankar, Sanjana all has not too much to do.

                                               Cinematography is a real catcher with the hands of Jim Ganesh and needs a special appreciation for the visuals. Scenarists Bobby and Sanjay could be more concious about there script then there will be a different "Casanova". Editing could be more better by Mahesh Narayanan. Songs are on the good side with the lyrics were penned by Gireesh Puthenchery, Vayalar Sarath Chandra Varma, Gowri Lakshmi and others. Music for "Casanovva" is tuned by Alphonse, Gopisundar and Gowri Lakshmi. For the banner of Confident Group and Aashirvaad Cinemas, Dr.C.J.Roy and Antony Perumbavoor respectively producing this malayalam film "Casanovva" is got the wide release across the theatres by Maxlab Entertainments.

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