Review : "Spanish Masala".

Director Lal Jose's latest malayalam film "Spanish Masala" made it to the theatres this friday and happens to be on the good side of viewing Spain as it has Flamenco Dance, La Tomatino festival, Bullfighting, Spanish Arts and other heritage sites. Lal Jose's "Spanish Masala" is a enjoyable one, all the ingredient mixed to get the nice blend, so go for this one...............

                        Charlie enacted by Dileep, a protagonist by his nature flies off to Spain with his Mimicry gang to perform over there and in this trip, Charlie lost the address of the person supposed to be contacted during the trip. Charlie decide to stay in Spain in these circumstances and gets a job in a restaurant, which
resulted into the job of chef for the former Spanish Ambassador in India.

                                          In these mansion of Spanish family begins the story of romance between a spanish girl and a malayalee guy. Cameela performed by Daniela Zacherl, is the daughter of former Spanish ambassador and she knows some malayalam taught by her helpers consist of malayalees. Another character in this story is Rahul summarised by Kunchako Boban, who is been the former lover of Cameela and on some reasons Rahul disappeared from her life. "Spanish Masala" move with the comedy and cooking of Charlie, then Cameela's problem of eyesight. Biju Menon has not too much to carry out with his role, Other foreign actors done their part. Vinaya Prasad, Majeed and Kalaranjini made their efforts to settle their characters.

                                                      Lal Jose could make more effort to done this "Spanish Masala" a good one. Lokanathan's DOP or may be the locations of Madrid gave something new feel to this malayalam film. Benny P.Nayarambalam scripted this film as a simple one. Editing is settled by Ranjan Abraham, Art Deriction is performed by Gokuldas. Sreejith Guruvayoor is the Makeup Man.

                                          Songs are really sound good with the hands of Vidyasagar and R. Venugopal. Sung by Vineeth Sreenivasan, Karthik, Sujatha, Shreya Ghoshal, Franko and others. For the banner of Big Screen Productions, Naushad produced this malayalam movie "Spanish Masala" brought to the release by Plaza Group.

                                         If you Liked it or Not this malayalam film "Spanish Masala", please let us know through comments............

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