Samvrutha Sunil set to tie the knot..........

Malayalam actress Samvrutha Sunil announced her plan to get married, while her mother also confirmed this news about her daughter's wedding. Samvrutha Sunil is now preparing to start new life, As per the sources to be believed It will took around a year to Samvrutha to get married due to her pending projects in the cinema field.

                               Samvrutha Sunil is currently making a worldwide tours with some programmes and Her woodbee is Akhil from USA, hails from calicut, Kerala. According to Samvrutha's mother, both of them just met at first week of Jan and later on
they will decide on their future plans.

                                              Samvrutha's ongoing projects are "Arike", "The King and The Commissioner". Samvrutha made her debut through the Lal Jose movie "Rasikan" with Dileep in the lead role. However, the question is girl next door image actress continue to act or not in malayalam cinema.

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