Abu fails the race of Oscar.........!

India's official entry to Academy Awards "Adaminte Makan Abu" doesn't maintain its chase for the Oscar as it down with not get selected in top 9 in the category of Foreign Language Films. "Adaminte Makan Abu" which swapped maximum awards at the National Level and Kerala State Awards, not get selected to the next round out of total 63 films.

                            "Adaminte Makan Abu" directed by Salim Ahamed, based on the hard work of a old man who wants to make it to the Hajj Pilgrimage, but Abu doesn't get the opportunity to go to Hajj. Salim Kumar performed the character of Abu, won the National Best Actor Award for this film. Earlier "Adaminte Makan Abu" goes through the fund crisis for the screening. Oscar Award will be bestowed on Feb 26 at Kodak Theatre.

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