Review : 'Ee Thirakkinidayil'

Another Malayalam movie coming late at the box office and came up with nothing to cheer about. Anil Kaararkkulam directed 'Ee Thirakkinidayil' Malayalam movie released this Friday across the theaters. P R Ajith Kumar storied and scripted this flick proves to be failure at some time, when you goes through the scenes. However you can spend your money for the entertainment purpose, which you will get in many sort of Malayalam films.

ee thirakkinidayil malayalam movie

  • Storyline

Story goes through like that Ananda padmanabhan enacted by Vinu Mohan, with his pleasant smile, conversation style and a Village hood man. But for money he can cross through any limits, Anandapadmanabhan knows no relation and caring in matter of money involvement. In this juncture Ananthu dived to some business with his friend, while all his effort to put business in profit went vein. Ananda padmanabhan get used to borrow money from different peoples, especially among the hospital staffs, where he was a regular visitor. Savithri performed by Muktha, is a nurse in this hospital, where Savithri Helps Ananthu with the money problems at different stages. In this borrowing of money some love was taking place between Ananthu and Savithri, which leads the story ahead. 

  • Acting and Technical Performance

Vinu Mohan and Muktha done their characters as usual. Janardhanan, KPAC Lalitha, Shaju, Bijukuttan, Geetha Vijayan, Vidya, Shreelatha Namboothiree are at the made up level with their performances. Music also fell short to the performances from the hands of Raveendran R.N. with the lyrics from P.R.Ajith Kumar. Anbumani done the cinematography for this Malayalam film. For the banner of Swarupuraja Creations, 'Ee Thirakinidayil' is produced by Shaju Thomas.

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