Review : "Mallu Singh"

Whoo......, third release of the last week malayalam movie "Mallu Singh", a fun buff can enjoy this caper from his point of views, otherwise Vysakh directed this malayalam film has no new claims to offer. Entertainment purpose may pull you to exciting locations of Punjab, meanwhile we leave it on your taste, after all its your decision.......

                                Quickly move on to the story, Hari performed by Unni Mukundan is the native of the same village where his friend Ani enacted by Kunchako Boban, lives. Both of them are childhood mates and besides that Ani's sister Ashwathy characterized by Samvrutha Sunil, wedding was almost done with Hari. On the other hand Hari's uncle and sons making plans to remove him off the way to get hold of Hari's
wealth. In this mashup, Hari absconds from his village due to some unwanted circumstances.

                                          After seven years Ani spotted some clips of the T.V.Show, where a young sikh named Harinder Singh frames out. Harinder Singh almost match the figure of Hari, On this Suspicion Ani decide to search out for Harinder Singh alias Mallu Singh and land in the land of Punjab. Ani wonder to know that Hari courts a beard and wear turban, his attires of Punjabi tradition. Ani decide to scratch out the truth behind this Harinder Singh alias Mallu Singh with the help of Susheelan done by Suraaj Venjharamoodu, Karti by Biju Menon, Pappan by Manoj K.Jayan, that lead to the rest of the story.

                                                   Director Vysakh and Scriptwriter Sethu doesn't done enough work on the plot, otherwise it could be louder then being just a colourful one. Script has nothing new in the store, thats it effected the whole binding. Vysakh who earlier gifted "Pokkiri Raja" and "Seniors", lacks down his burden on this "Mallu Singh". Unni Mukundan done pretty well with the role of Mallu Singh, while Chackochan, Manoj K.Jayan, Biju Menon are all expected nice with their characters. Samvrutha Sunil, Meera Nandan, Roopa Manjeri, Aparna Nair and others just done their parts apart.

                                                           In terms of picturization, its too lengthy for the shots, however songs are visualized at the best of Punjab by cinematographer Shaji. Mahesh Narayanan's editing settles some scores as it provide some breathing space to this malayalam film "Mallu Singh". Songs are nice with the touch of M.Jayachandran and Murugan Kattakada. For the banner of Ann Mega Media, Neeta Anto is the producer of this malayalam movie "Mallu Singh".

                                   If you had made it to this malayalam film "Mallu Singh", So have your say through comments..............


  1. MALLU SINGH’ movie is extremely entertaining with a good mix of Comedy, Romance, emotions,Music,Dance,scenic beauty and Action….

    UNNI MUKUNDAN is approved by the family audience and so has become indispensable new generation actor for box office success.

  2. Unni Mukundan not so at the best in Mallu Singh


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