N F Varghese - In The Shadow of 22 Years

Way back in 2002, on June 19, it was the time when N F Varghese said goodbye to the field of Malayalam cinema to travel the world of stars in the sky. 
N F Varghese Malayalam Actor Biography
N F Varghese

N F Varghese - A Memoir  

With his enormous feel of villain characters, N F Varghese gave new dimensions to the acting and on June 19, 2022 it past 20 years when this Malayalam actor left us to disappear behind the frames.

 - Who is Malayalam Actor NF Varghese?

Born on 1949, Nadakkaparambil Francis Varghese began his career with Mimicry and later on tried his luck in TV serials, which gave him the opportunity to act in Siddique - Lal directorial movie 'Ramji Rao Speaking' as a Office Staff and the film was released in 1989. 

Later on he continued his acting stint with movies like 'Priyapetta Pappan', but his career takes a u-turn with the character of Paalkkaran that he performed in Sibi Malayil directed 'Akashadoothu' points out his talent in acting.
- NF Varghese Acted Movies 

After the success of 'Akashadoothu', from there on lines of Malayalam fraternity came to his door with super strong characters in the films 'Commissioner', 'Sphadikam', 'Sallapam', 'Mazhayathu Munpe', 'Lelam', 'Usthad', 'Pathram', 'Pallavur Devanarayanan', 'Crime File', 'Narasimham', 'Ravanaprabhu', 'One Man Show', 'Nandanam' include his list of about 100 Malayalam films. 

NF Varghese as Vishwanathan Pathram Movie

- NF Varghese as Vishwanathan
Jose Thomas directed 'Sundarapurushan' was his 100th Malayalam movie. 'Pathram' movie's character Vishwanathan destroyed all limits of cruelness with the touch of N F Varghese and the film was directed by Joshy. 

- What Happened & Death of a Character Artist
At last, N F Varghese leave all his lovers at the age of 53. He died of cardiac arrest and fell unconscious while driving. Malayalam Cinema may made some distance from this great actor, but N F Varghese gave many characters to cherish his memory. 

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