Lena Confirms Her Divorce with Abhilash Kumar

As the speculations were made on the marriage life of Malayalam actress Lena on different online rumors, has come to an end.

Lena Divorce Confirmation Abhilash

Lena takes Divorce from first husband Abhilash Kumar

The actress herself confirms the news that Lena and her husband Abhilash Kumar have not been living together since their divorce has happened. Lena reacted surprisingly about this news, which is coming to the limelight after more than a year.
The actress clarified that divorce had happened way back in 2012 and it is more than a year old, whereas now she is concentrating on her acting career. 
- Who is Actress Lena's ex husband?
As per the reports Lena's career-centered approach has led to separation with Abhilash Kumar, who is a Scenarist and prepared the script of 22fk Malayalam Movie and also the childhood love of actress. 
Lena also quoted that "Just as our marriage was an informal one. So does on our separation it stays the same and haven't informed anybody since we continue to be good friends".

She also thanks everyone for the love and support bestowed upon her and hope that it continues in future as well. On the other, she hopes that her statement on this issue will convincingly put an end to all further curiosity.
- Rumors of Lena's Second Marriage?
 In a recent interview, Lena spoke about her future ambitions and on being getting married second time. As of now she is mainly busy with her schedules in Malayalam Film Industry and told that never thought of being getting married again. But in future who knows, politely answered the actress.

Published - Jan. 10, 2014                     Last Updated - 2 May, 2023

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