Identity mistaken, Leena became Lena !

Identity mistaken, Leena became Lena
Some mistakes will take place in the media industry, but few days back the actress Leena Maria Paul scam of Rupees 19 crore, went above the tolerable limit. One of the Telugu media channel haven't observing the real identity, put on leading Malayalam actress Lena's name instead of real arrested actress Leena Maria Paul. Moreover to that, the channel has shown Lena's photo along with the news.

 The blunder came to the limelight when the Telugu news channel have uploaded the video to the YouTube and the users have noticed
the mistake and commented that the photo shown in the video is wrong, while they demanded the apology from the channel. As going through the search of video, we didn't find as it look the channel has removed the video.

 However, for a short period of time actress Lena Abhilash's fans have find themselves in the tragic state. However the actress Lena Abhilash hasn't came with her stance on this issue. Mistaken identity led to the bizarre situation.., while thanks to the viewers who have played the major role in rectifying it...

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