Shobhana George with "Pratheekshayode".

Chengannur Films Banner, former MLA Shobhana George is preparing to enter the malayalam cinema as a producer. Chengannur Films producing malayalam movie "Pratheekshayode" is being storied and scripted by Shobhana George himself. Snoba Alex is the director of this malayalam film.

                                        Plot of "Pratheekshayode" revolve around the girl named Manasi suffering from eye problem. She is looked after by her
sister and sisters husband. Manasi's sister have a kid Amal, on this juncture an accident left Manasi and Amal alone, Manasi's sister and husband got died in an accident. Accident leaves a big impact on Amal as he feels her aunt Manasi has lost everybody, so Amal decided to support her with unveiling activities.

                                                   Mukesh, Shweta Menon, Anupama, Shobhana George, Suraaj, Manikuttan, Kullapulli Leela, Indranse, Kanakalatha, Master Dhananjay and others include the cast of "Pratheekshayode". Shobhana George is trying her hands with the malayalam films, lets see how its work out for this former MLA.

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