Jagathy Sreekumar is recovering : Mammootty

Malayalam Actor Jagathy Sreekumar, who today undergone for the surgery on broken bones in thighs and hands. Doctors bulletin says that "There are some process to follow to remove ventilator and we are gaining that position to completely put actor on his own breathe".

                                         Mammootty on monday paid a courtesy visit to the Malabar Institute of Medical Science, where Mammookka wasn't able to meet Jagathy Sreekumar. Mammootty says that
"I didn't met him because He should not get any infection from outside". Mammookka also added that "I enquired Doctors about his health and Doctors are positive that Jagathy Sreekumar is on the way to recovery, which is a good news".

                                                         62 year old, Jagathy was seriously injured in the road accident on saturday last week. While there were news that Jagathy needed the blood group of AB Positive, which was at the moment was difficult but script writer T.A.Razakh told the T.V.Channels to support, which resulted into the lots of phone calls to the number of Script Writer. All is well with the Gods grace.

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