Review : "Karmayogi"

After the long wait, finally malayalam movie "Karmayogi" reached out the theatres, but it fails to put the impression that it had put on with the expectations. "Hamlet" adapted version hardly looks like the stature what it deserves to be.., V.K.Prakash directed "Karmayogi" seems to be too long and Script also disappoints to pull the story. While "Karmayogi" can be a one time watch and after all its your choice.............

                                                Rudran performed by Indrajith, hails from the yogi community and been the lone male descendant of the Chathothu family. Rudran came to the land to seek vengeance for his father's death, while according to rituals, his mother Mankamma enacted by Padmini Kolahpure, married to his father's younger brother Bhairavan summarised by Thalaivasal Vijay. Rudran who learned Martial Arts and been a Scholar, develops some paranoia that his died father trying to tell something to him. Rudran
starts behaving in unfamiliar manner and started to make distance from his childhood love Moonumani performed by Nithya Menen, with whom Rudran's marriage is fixed. Rudran turns out for the search of his father's murderer with some intentions in his mind, which proceed the story into the emotions of a man in his life.

                                                                   Indrajith came up with the brilliant effort to put on the mask of Rudran, with the physique and emotional stress which was much more. While others Thalaivasal Vijay, Padmini Kolahpure, Nithya Menen, M.R.Gopakumar, Ashokan, Saiju Kurup, Sreejith Ravi and others were on their usual mannerism. Balaram Mattanoor's script looks punching in the first half, but later part downs the portion of its strength. V.K.Prakash could make things look different with his approach to this "Karmayogi", but his views of "Karmayogi" may be different. Direction Of Photography is to talk about by R.D. Rajashekhar, which give all together a nice visual approach. Ouseppachan's music is also on the okay part. Art Direction is done by M.Bawa, while Editing is performed by Beena Paul. For the banner of Trends Ad Films Pvt. Ltd., Creative Land Pictures and Innostorm Entertainment are the producers of this  malayalam movie "Karmayogi".

                                                               Just have your say on this malayalam film "Karmayogi", drop your comments below.............. 

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