"Josettan" and "MLA Mani" in theatres

mla mani patham classum gusthiyum
Finally both the films, which are waiting for their turn to get the ladder to the box office is now released across the theatres today. Both the films "Josettante Hero" and "MLA Mani Pathaam Classum Gusthiyum" are awaiting their chances, on the go Kalabhavan Mani and Anoop Menon are on face to face on this weekend.

                                     "MLA Mani Pathaam Classum Gusthiyum" is directed by Sreejith Paleri and it is the story from the ground level of a local man, who went on with his struggles in life. Music Direction for this film is scored by Mani himself and He also sang
the songs for this film. Ane Maria Films International Banner, Joy Mullavanal is the producer. Nikhita, Nedumudi Venu, Siddique, Salim Kumar, Harishree Ashokan and others include the cast of "MLA Mani Pathaam Classum Gusthiyum".

                                                      On the other side "Josettante Hero" is the next release, which is directed by K.K.Haridas and speaks out the story of film industry, in which Anoop Menon plays the character of a still photographer, who gets the fate of becoming the hero in a movie. M.R.S Productions banner producing this film has Vijay Raghavan, Suraaj Venjharamoodu, Jagathy Sreekumar, Ashokan, Kochupreman and others are the actors.

                                       Both the films had already scheduled their releases earlier, but for certain reasons "MLA Mani Pathaam Classum Gusthiyum" and "Josettante Hero" delayed and now the release happened, film makers are keeping their fingers crossed for the better results.......... 

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