"Mayamohini" leading the race

'Mayamohini' collection reports of box office
"Mayamohini" stole the show not with her performances, but with her collections report at the box office, As the reports to be believed it had till now collected over 8 crores and on this festival season its going to be more hefty for the producers to count on the collection. Still this movie "Mayamohini" is the choice for the audiences, with the masala touch and comic dose this Malayalam film recorded the better collection.

                                    Earlier it was "Ordinary" on the top of the box office and it also collected over 10 crores, if this reports to be believed, then it will be
the good news for the producers who will have the last laugh. With the different touch movie "Cobra" also reported the nice collection of about 3 crores on the opening weekend. On the other hand "22FK" is also counting on the good side.

                                             "The King and The Commissioner" and "Masters" also rided on the collection reports with touching the crore figures. Well it will be for the betterment of the malayalam cinema that producers will come forward to produce good films..........

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