Review : "Cobra"

Simple story weaved into the good entertaining aspect, However Vishu is on the door and this malayalam movie "Cobra" will also tickle your bones with emotional touch. Lal directed this "Cobra" may go zigzag with the plot, but at the end its all up for the entertainment. After all its your choice, it can be a good watch...........

                           Lets move on to the saga, Raja portrayed by Mammootty and Kiri enacted by Lal, are born and brought up at Kottayam. They love to do anything for the name starting with co, because they are brothers and are from kottayam, so their name derived from the short form of Kottayam brothers. On the purpose
of some investment both of them decide to buy the land. In this buying they got face to face with two girls Sherly and Annie performed by Padmapriya and Kaniha respectively, who are twins and their on Cobra's decided to tie the knot with these girls. Lalu Alex performed the character of Dad of these girls.

                                            From their on suspense took place and move on the story to the another way. Lal's direction needs to be tested, from his earlier films it looks not up to the level. Mammootty as usual at the good acting, Comedy doesn't excite too much with the level of actors Salim Kumar and Maniyan Pilla Raju who done the roles of security assistants to Cobra. Execution from the crew could make some difference to the presentation, on the go Director Lal just manage to pull off, but with the acting he stands the best with the character of Kiri.

                                                        Direction  of Photography also at the fine level by Venu, Editing could make some difference by V.Sajan, man expectations are high from the audience side. Alex Paul returns with the nice songs that he leave it from his last film in Malayalam Cinema. For the banner of Emperor Cinema, Anto Joseph produced this malayalam movie "Cobra" has been distributed by Playhouse Release. On this festival season Lal's "Cobra" could make it to the occasion of hit.

                                                               If you have watched this malayalam film "Cobra", then don't miss to share your opinion through comments.......

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