Meera and Rajesh calls it end........!

Meera Jasmine and U.Rajesh calls it end
Malayalam actress Meera Jasmine again turns the bow of the media towards her with latest gossip flying around the corner is her relationship with boyfriend and Mandolin artist U.Rajesh. Meera Jasmine who was staying away from the media, has recently announced her return to Malayalam cinema.

 As per the reports her boyfriend U.Rajesh and Meera Jasmine put an end to
their love chemistry between them. Separation came with the highlight of Meera Jasmine has turned her hands towards other man from film fraternity and this mystery man helped her lot during her bad times, that may be the reason..... or it may be a gossip, god knows............

 This National Award winner actress is sure shot with her screen presence where she is going to make her return with Babu Janardhanan directing "Samuelinte Makkal" (Lissammayude Veedu). Meanwhile, she also proved her skills in other language films also. Lets hope for the best..........

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