Prithviraj to do J.C.Daniel

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Malayalam Cinema's history gona be rewritten with Director Kamal's next project. Malayalam Cinema's founder and producer, writer, director, editor, actor J.C.Daniel's life is taking its way to the silver screen. Kamal directing latest malayalam film "Celluloid" has Prithviraj would portray the character of J.C.Daniel.

                                         First malayalam film of Kerala "Vigathakumaran's" failure lead J.C.Daniel to leave his native place. Studio and His house were sold to repay his debts, which came as real jolt to J.C.Daniel. After this there were no remarks were happened in the name of J.C.Daniel. Allegations also parted the career of
J.C.Daniel, that daily wage labourer Rosie acted in the character of a Nair girl. Objections based on religion were raised as Rosie belongs to the christian family, which created a turmoil around the community at that time. Since then there was no whereabouts of actress Rosie.

director kamal's next celluloid
                                                 Sreenivasan will be seen enacting the character of a Reporter in this malayalam movie "Celluloid", trying to dug out the history behind the father of malayalam cinema, which led to the exploration of new findings. Samvrutha Sunil also do the major character for this malayalam movie. Way back history could be interesting as it sounds, lets hope for the best. Further will be divulge in malayalam film titled "Celluloid".

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