Review : "Arike"

Emotional feel called love weaved into the appreciable story, Director Shyama Prasad with his point of love and how it gona put effect on someone's life is the conclusion behind this Malayalam movie "Arike". Inspired from the story of Sunil Gangopadhyay, Director Shyamaprasad and his crew gave us a good and must watch movie......

                                "Arike" deals with the complex emotion that is love, Shanthanu performed by Dileep is a Researcher fall in love with his old student Kalpana enacted by Samvrutha Sunil. Shanthanu is a poor guy and an orphan, while Kalpana hails from wealthy background. On the top of this there is a caste descrimination Kalpana
is Brahmin and Shanthanu not a Brahmin. In this love of duo, there is another person friend of both Anuradha characterized by Mamtha Mohandas. Anuradha supports Kalpana to cherish her dream feel about love by writing letters and arranging place for Shanthanu and Kalpana.

                                            Later it reveal that Anuradha had been cheated by his cousin, this cause Kalpana had a laugh and looks Anuradha's love with different aspect. In this process of helping Anuradha searching for her lost emotions in the feel named love. Screenplay is the best part of this "Arike", which bounds you to next level of this story. Another interesting thing is climax, how it gets to the last is really watchable. Shyama Prasad is a well known director for serious subjects, but this time simple characters too make their impact on the screen. Dileep did his best to gave old school guy looks of the past era.

                                                   Samvrutha Sunil is riding on her glory of success again with this movie and on the other side Mamtha Mohandas also apt in her scenes. Innocent, Vineeth, Ajmal Ameer, Urmila Unni, Prakash Bare, Dinesh Panicker, Chithra Iyer, Madambu Kunjukuttan and others well jelled with their characters. Azhagappan's cinematography came up with the great frames, Vinod Sukumaran's editing also done with finishing touches. Ouseppachan again prepare fine tunes for his old buddy with the lyrics of Shibu Chakravarthy. For the banner of Picture Perfect, N.B.Vindhyan is the producer of this malayalam movie "Arike". 

                                     Have your opinion on this Malayalam film "Arike" through comments in the box below.....

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