Review : "Grandmaster"

UTV Motion Pictures works their way to the malayalam cinema entry with malayalam movie "Grandmaster", UTV bet on the safe one as "Grandmaster" is a well made suspense thriller and B.Unnikrishnan directed this malayalam film in a neat way. We recommend this malayalam film would be a worth watch, catch your seats.....

                                    Story could be interesting if its first half also supported the second one, anyways I.G.Chandrashekharan performed by Mohanlal, is appointed as the head of Metro Crime Stopper Division, while His concious effort in the work was get lost due to his family problems and concentration level was come down. His wife
Deepthi enacted by Priyamani, a famous criminal lawyer separated herself from Chandrashekharan, on the other hand Chandrashekharan had his nice time with his daughter.

                                          In this working, on a sudden day Chandrashekharan receives a letter wrote to him by a unknown person titled Z. Letter was written by his admirer and dares him to find out more about him. Person titled Z ask Chandrashekharan to reach a pointed place, On this request Chandrashekharan finds out the place and that there was a murder of a lady took place and on the spot Chandrashekharan gets a Alphabetic book, which rolls out the rest of the murder mystery. Narain summarised the character of Kishore and Jagathy Sreekumar came up with the character of Rasheed, both assist Chandrashekharan in the investigation of this series of killing and to discover the Mr. Z.

                                         Mohanlal gave the scintillating stuff with his acting, Priyamani also made up her role. Anoop Menon, Roma, Mithra Kurien, Devan, Babu Antony and others well supported their full strength to the characters. This time B.Unnikrishnan lands up with the faced paced demanding script and done his home works very well to how to represent his characters. Fine Sharp Visuals which add charm to this thriller from the hands of Vinod Illampilly and Editing is well covered by Manoj. Deepak Dev's music add jive according to the need of the hour, Songs lyrics were penned by Chittoor Gopi. For the banner of UTV Motion Pictures, Ronnie Screwala and Sidharth Roy Kapoor. Max Lab Entertainment are the distributors of this malayalam movie.

                                             Just have your say on this malayalam film "Grandmaster" through your valuable comments......

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