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Review : "Hero"

Films plot is pretend to be the same but high action drama categorised for the fans of Prithviraj is laudable and This "Hero" is definitely made with the entertainment aspect . Diphan directed this malayalam film has its melodramatic way of story telling, but lacks the script. It can be a good watch.........

                                 Allright, Tarzan Antony is the character of Prithviraj, who has his dreams to become a hero, with his body physic and looks noticed by the stunt master Dharmarajan enacted by Thalaivasal Vijay, invited Tarzan to be his assistant and later on Tarzan left him for some issues. Dharmarajan now retires and need some
money of his daughters marriage. Dharmarajan now gets the chance to put the fight sequences of one of the films directed by Adithyan characterized by Anoop Menon and Premanand enacted by Srikanth, as the hero. He again turned to Tarzan for his help to put up the stunt scenes, Tarzan accepted his request and joins him.

                                         There Tarzan met Premanand and Gowri Menon performed by Yami Gautham. Premanand loves Gowri and wants to marry him, but the passion of Tarzon towards his works led Gowri to attracted towards him. It irked Premanand and decide to put the break on Tarzan's career which forms the rest of the story.

                                            Prithviraj done his best to match up the character of Tarzan Antony, but the whole pinch was that let down by the script. Deepan was not lucky enough for this time to get the movie like "Puthiya Mukham". Vinod Guruvayoor's story could be made more interesting as it looks, anyway doen't happen that. Yami Gautham riding on her bollywood debut with "Vicky Donor" has nothing too much to implement in this movie. Anoop Menon did well to execute himself. Bala, Srikanth, Nedumudi Venu, Tiny Tom, Anil Murali and others just made their presence felt. Kanal Kannan gave some respite to this action packed with his action stunts. Bharani K.Dharan's visuals are at the good level, while Samjath's editing provide some space to "Hero". Anil Panachooran and Gopi Sundar's songs are just okay. Seven Arts Internationals Banner, G.P.Vijaya Kumar is the producer of this malayalam movie "Hero".

                                                 Have your opinion on this malayalam film "Hero" through your valuable comments..........


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