Review : "Manjadikuru"

Lucky Red Seeds has its vibrance, charm and let us to get into our childhood that we left in our past, Anjali Menon directed this "Manjadikuru" with pure sense of film making and at the end it soothes some nostalgic feel to our heart......, Live up your inner soul with this malayalam film "Manjadikuru".

                               "Manjadikuru" unfold the life of young vicky enacted by Sidharth and his cousins Kannan, Manikutty performed by Rijosh and Arathi Sashikumar. In this friendship one more add up to line is Tamil maid Roja characterized by Vyjayanthi. All get friendly during the funeral of Vicky's grandfather that last up
to 16 days. Now the real story starts with Prithviraj who's now older enough to search out his memories that he had with his earlier trip to Kerala with his parents summarised Sagar Shiyas and Urvashi, there begins the travel of "Manjadikuru"............

                                        During the funeral of Grandfather, friendship of Vicky, Cousins and Roja takes new feel and Kids help collecting money to send Roja to her home town, while Elders are more keen on the ancestral property and issues related with that. Rest of the story is amazing to wet your eyes......., Prithviraj's narration and cameo add gem to this "Manjadikuru". Rahman, Praveena, Bindu Panicker, Kaviyoor Ponamma, Murali, Urvashi, Sagar Shiyas, Sindhu Menon and others suits up to the scenes.

                                              Director Anjali Menon written this "Manjadikuru's" script in a tied manner and simplicity of the script is the success behind this film. Each shots by Pietro Zuercher dissolve you to the beauty of God's own country. Background Score from Francois Gamaury made every possible scenes to get appreciation. Editing looks nice by B. Lenin, while Kavalam Narayana Panicker and Ramesh Narayanan's songs add up to the occasion. For the banner of Little Films India, Vinod Menon and Anjali Menon produced this malayalam film has been distributed by August Cinema.

                                                   Let us know your feelings about this malayalam film "Manjadikuru" through your comments below........

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