Review : "Thiruvambadi Thamban"

Last week released malayalam movie "Thiruvambadi Thamban" made up with intention to follow the old story line that could be easily patterned in any malayalam films. M.Padmakumar directed this malayalam film has all the ingredients comedy to action, but lacks the punch to provide the better one. Whole and whole "Thiruvambadi Thamban" could be a one time watch.......

                              Thamban Tharakan performed by Jayaram, comes from the traditional family which provide elephants on every festival occasions in Temple. Thamban hails from the Thiruvambadi clan put on his hands in the family trade, while others moved on to the other businesses. His good terms with father Mathan Tharakan
enacted by Jagathy Sreekumar and his uncle Kunjunju characterized by Nedumudi Venu, helps him in many situations. On a certain night, Both helps Thamban to elope with his fiancee Anjali summarissed by Haripriya, a brahmin girl, while Thamban from Christian religion, create some problems for both the couples.

                                         Twist happens to land with the obstacles caused by rivals in the business of Thamban, which led them to the Sonepur Gajamela. There begins the game of rivalry with the entrance of Shakthivel performed by Kishore, who wants to kill Mathan that led to the rest of the story. Jayaram manage his role pretty well, some jitters were there with the Thrissur Slang. Jagathy Sreekumar and Nedumudi Venu done their best with their characters. Another one to mention is the Kishore, who made it very good to grasp the attention. Haripriya, Kalabhavan Mani, Thambi Ramaiah and others were made up their portions.

                                               S.Suresh Babu's script doesn't gave that hold to the Director M.Padmakumar to make this "Thiruvambadi Thamban" a interesting one, that it can. Manoj Pillai's cinematography are at the good level, Music is fine with the touch of Ouseppachan and lyrics from Engendiyoor Chandrashekharan and Shibu Chakravarthy. For the banner of Jini Cinema, Alexander John is the producer of this malayalam movie "Thiruvambadi Thamban".

                                                Lets know the world, your opinion about this malayalam film "Thiruvambadi Thamban" through comments............

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