Split for Rafi Mecartin.........!

Rafi and Mecartin to separate
Script Writer and Director duo of Rafi Mecartin has decided to get along their ways separately with the opportunity. Rafi and Mecartin have been working together since their initial days of their career. Known for their comedy genre Rafi and Mecartin gave many superhit films together.

                              Rafi Mecartin directed malayalam films include "Puthukottayile Manavalan", "Superman",
"Punjabi House", "Sathyan Shivam Sundaram", "Thenkashipattanam", "Chathikyatha Chanthu", "Pandipada", "Hallo",

"Love in Singapore", "China Town". According to the reports there were not so happening between the both during the past few films. As per the predictions "Mumbai Dosth" starring Prithviraj and Jayasurya will be their last project together. After this it would different ways for the duos.

                                       Both scripted best films like "Dilliwala Rajakumaran", "Adyathe Kanmani", "One Man Show", "Thillakam" and last hit film as script director was "Mayavi" in 2007. Lets hope for the best that Rafi and Mecartin separation doesn't put any effect on their film making and After separation both will give their best back to the Malayalam Cinema.

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