We get betrayed : Cine Exhibitors Association

As announced by the government that those theatres with modern amenities will get the new releases is not happened claims Cine Exhibitors Association and alleged that Minister for cinema industry has not taken any decisions which gave some relief on our side.

                                     As per the norms 55 theatres organised their way to the modern facilities, despite this there were only 5 theatres included in the
wide release category. Association President V. Mohanan says that government offers led us to invest about 40 lakhs to 2 crores to modernise 55 theatres in kerala and after this there were no actions taken by government to provide wide release. On this governments decision some of the owners shut down their theatres due to wide release they are hoping for is not happen says V Mohanan.

                                        Cine Exhibitors Association is taking necessary action to protest and it may cause some another strike in Kerala.

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