Lal Jose's next up with three heroines......

lal jose next with three female lead
Director Lal Jose is on the grasp of getting good acclaims for his recently released Malayalam film "Diamond Necklace", Now Lal Jose announced his intention to do a new malayalam film that will have three heroines mainly Samvrutha Sunil, Remya Nambeeshan and Rima Kallingal.

                                          As per the reports, Prithviraj would do the central characters in this untitled movie and along with him Kalabhavan Mani also perform
the major character. Prakash Movie Tone Banner, Prem Prakash producing this Malayalam film has been scripted by Sanjay and Bobby. Joemon T.John is the man behind the camera seat. Sameera Saneesh would prepare the costumes for this Lal Jose movie.

                                                   Ouseppachan will settle the tunes and Sinat Xavier is the man behind the stills. Mohandas is the Art Director and Sreejith Guruvayoor settles the Make Up. Ernakulam and Vaghman include the major locations of this malayalam film.

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