Review : "Bachelor Party"

Style and Slow motion doesn't work out [pretty well this time for Director and Cinematographer Amal Neerad. Party goes haywire with shake in the storyline and this "Bachelor Party" goes beyond your limit intention to work out that whats goin on in this Pary of Bachelors. Amal Neerad without doubt put on the best effort with the Best Camera work, but "Bachelor Party" doesn't cover up the expectations and it disappoints as well........

                                   Its all about gang of five friends bought up with the life of deciet and cheating others, they are Tony enacted by Asif Ali, Benny by Rahman, Geevarghese aka Geevar by Indrajith, Ayyappan by Kalabhavan Mani and Fakeer portrayed by Vinayakan. All of them are well prepared with their stylish
looks to gave some one a run for their money. In this event of happening these childhood friends get separated from the actions done by Tony, which cause the split between these gang of friends. Between these five members two of them works for a gangster named Prakash Kamath characterized by Vijay John and two of them wants to put Tony to infront of these gang to settle some issues, while other two members want to save Tony.

                                        In this settlement of betrayal, some romance also flow in with the arrival of Neethu summarised by Nithya Menen. Arrival of Prithviraj in the special appearance gave some respite to the audience and Remya Nambeeshan add up to the Climax and a song titled "Vijanasurabhi". In the last "Kapapuzzhuku" served by Padmapriya, ends it all. Rahman, Indrajith, Kalabhavan Mani managed to hold on the first half quite well, although rest of the cast Asif Ali, Nithya Menen, Lena, Ashish Vidhyarthi done their parts effectively.

                                                How can be a script put on without life like happened in this with Santhosh Echikanam and Unni R., Amal Neerad earlier gave some brilliant movies, but on the every move cinematography and style doesn't goes well with the story which happened exactly with this "Bachelor Party".  Especially technical efforts are at the perfect level, it must be said. Music is all goes interestingly with the pace from the hands of Rahul Raj and lyrics from Rafeeque Ahamed. Vivek Harshan done his best with the good editing. For the banner of Amal Neerad Productions, "Bachelor Party" is produced by Amal Neerad and V.Jayasurya. August Cinema brought this movie to the audience.

                                                      If you made it to this party, ups..., malayalam film "Bachelor Party", Just drop on your comments below.......

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